Shinobi [shin-oh-be]

Direct translation, “heart under blade”.  
      ninja [ninjuh] noun, plural ja, jas.  

1.     Doing something secretly.

2.     Travelling incognito.

3.     Theft.

4.     Ninjutsu/ shinobijutsu

5.     A ninja.

Ninjutsu Origin: < Japn, equiv. to nin‐ endure + ‐jutsu technique;    see NINJA

–noun. Also, ninjitsu / [nin‐jit‐soo], ninjutsu / [ninjuhtsoo, joo t]

Origin: < Japn, equiv. to nin‐ endure + ‐ja, comb. form of ‐sha person (< MChin, equiv. to Chin rěn +zhě)


Ninjutsu (Way of the Ninja or Ninja Way) is often translated to “the art of stealth” or “the art of invisibility”; ninjutsu can also mean "the skill of going unperceived". Ninjutsu is not a martial art system, as it is most commonly mis‐portrayed. Ninjutsu is a separate and self‐sufficient art of warfare.

In the Sengoku period, they were referred to by a variety of names, but not "Ninja". "Ninja" is an Edo period term. The two characters, "Nin" and "Ja" are the same characaters as "Shinobi" and "mono". One of the original terms was "Shinobo no mono"--literally, person of stealth. Prior to the Edo period, the word "Ninja" was not used. Shinobi, or Shinobi no mono, was one term. "Kusa" was a very common term also, used to denote stealthy scouts. 

Some have “created” new systems based off the historical evidence of ninjutsu, in turn employing a system that meets a modern world; these are typically referred to as neo‐ninja’s or neo‐ninjutsu.

Remember, ninjutsu is not so much one particular approach to martial arts, but a collection of fundamental survivalist techniques that came out of necessity in a politically volatile Japan; now modified for today's practitioners. Knowing this, it is reasonable to see similarity between systems as well as the uniqueness that each system portrays. Remember there is no one definition of what a ninjutsu system must include; there is no governing ninjutsu body. Only the ethics and principals of each system determine the authenticity of that system.  

Definition: Neo-Ninja/ Neo-Ninjutsu

A 20th-century revival of interest in the culture of the shinobi/ninja of Japan.

Neo-Ninja’s have no direct, genuine or provable lineage to Japanese ninjutsu, but practice according as they appreciate  those philosophies. Neo-Ninjutsu is not so much a martial art as it is a philosophy of practice surrounding the “art of stealth” and the philosophy of the ancient shinobi.

Neo-Ninjutsu organizations cover a wide spectrum of belief and ideals regarding their training.

Being a Neo-Ninja does not make their training any less  or more authentic then those who believe they are of “authentic Ninja lineage”. 

BLACK BELTS: All styles and systems apply now! 

Take your Martial Arts Academy's Adult Program to the next level.  Often, when an adult makes blackbelt they often leave your school, feeling they have achieved all that they can.  By adding a KuroShinobi Ryu Shinobi-do study group to your adult program your adult students will advance in skills not typically imparted in a martial arts program.  KuroShinobi Ryu Shinobi-do is a neo-ninjutsu approach to the ancient art of the shinobi in a modern world slant building on self-defense, tactics, strategy, healing, history and more. We will help you develop a curriculum that meets our testing requirements but individualizes the needs of your school and most importantly your students.  Contact the KuroShinobi Ryu today.


 Authentic American Neo-Ninjutsu: Shinobi-do

Students and enthusiasts of the martial arts have many reasons for their interest in the American Ninjutsu: Shinobi-do. Some are drawn to the physical fitness aspects of training. Others seek to add discipline and self-control to their lives. Others wish to enhance their spirituality and skill with healing and the mystical arts. Still others are concerned about personal safety and self-defense.

Whether you are interested in our programs for spiritual or physical wellbeing, the KuroShinobi Ryu offers a number of programs that will fit your needs.  We offer independent study groups that you can join or create overseen long distance by one of our master shinobi.

What is Kuroshinobi Ryu Shinobi-do?

Kuroshinobi= "dark ninja" or "dark spy".

Ryu= a martial tradition

Shinobi-do= "way of the ninja"

Kuroshinobi Ryu is a neo-ninjutsu martial arts style that is based off of the factual and historic ninja of Japan as it would appear now in the 21st century.  Kuroshinobi Ryu bases its art off of the conceptual ninja of Japan but is not a historic reenactment of the shinobi or ninja. It is neither Iga nor Koga, but it is all ninjutsu.

The KuroShinobi Ryu is an international organization for teaching the essence of ancient martial traditions associated with the ninja. These traditions are:

Taijutsu/ Self Defense




 Survival Skills

 Restorative Arts/Healing Arts



 Shinobi History

Within all the traditions the original combat essence and warrior skills are maintained.  American Ninjutsu: Shinobi-do is ideal for black belts of all styles wanting to deepen their training and explore other avenues of growth often neglected in commercial schools.

We invite black belts from other styles to join the ryu and start their own study groups under the guidance of one of our masters.  Those who have bring a new outlook to the martial arts and see added people of like mind coming into their martial programs. How you set that program up is up to you; our Masters will help you establish a curriculum and ranking system that meets your needs.


Contact us today for any questions you may have.  Members pay a one-time, life-membership fee.



Authentic American Ninjutsu: Shinobi-do.
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