What is Kuroshinobi Ryu Shinobi-do?

Kuroshinobi= "dark ninja" or "dark spy".

Ryu= a martial tradition

Shinobi-do= "way of the ninja"


Kuroshinobi Ryu is a neo-ninjutsu martial arts style that is based off of the factual, historic ninja of Japan as it would appear now in the 21st century.  Kuroshinobi Ryu bases its art off of the conceptual ninja of Japan but is not a historic reenactment of the shinobi or ninja. It is neither Iga nor Koga, but it is all ninjutsu.

We use the older term of shinobi and shinobi-do; we translate –jutsu to mean, "-jutsu is a technique or a craft", and -do to mean "the way", such as the "way of the ninja or shinobi". We feel to use the term -do signifies our intent to learn more than mere techniques, as well as to also to learn, experience, and practice the path of the ancient shinobi beyond technique, but in concept and philosophy to be adapted too today’s reality.

We consider our ryu to be *neo-ninjutsu in nature since we have no true lineage to any particular family, region, or clan in historical Japan. Kuroshinobi Ryu takes the concepts, philosophies, and training of the ancients and brings that into the 21st century blending old and new, in turn being politically free of the prejudice currently in ninjutsu.

So, why study Kuroshinobi Ryu if it has no “true” shinobi lineage?  With ninjutsu hidden and secretive for so many years true legitimacy continues to be debated even among the most accepted of ninjutsu systems. What the Kuroshinobi Ryu does do is to allow one to have a family and governing body worldwide within ninjutsu; a family. Kuroshinobi Ryu serves as ”standardization" for ronnin (masterless) Shinobi who wish to explore ninjutsu further and possibly open their own programs within the organization.

There are Nine Traditions of Kuroshinobi Ryu Shinobi-do which in integrated into every Kuroshinobi Ryu program:


Taijutsu/ Self Defense








Survival Skills


Restorative Arts/Healing Arts






Shinobi History



KuroShinobi Ryu- Shinobi-do  Genin: Self Defense Foundations for the Beginning Ninja

Authored by Dr Pat Mitchell PhD 

The KuroShinobi Ryu- Shinobi-do is a unique neo-ninjutsu system for the 21st century. Within these pages are the pivotal foundation for Genin (beginners) as regards to self-defense basics of the system. A must for any martial artist.

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Oct 31 2012
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US Trade Paper
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8.5" x 11"
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Sports & Recreation / Martial Arts & Self-Defense

 *Definition: Neo-Ninja/ Neo-Ninjutsu

A 20th-century revival of interest in the culture of the shinobi/ninja of Japan.

Neo-Ninja’s have no direct, genuine or provable lineage to Japanese ninjutsu, but practice according as they appreciate  those philosophies. Neo-Ninjutsu is not so much a martial art as it is a philosophy of practice surrounding the “art of stealth” and the philosophy of the ancient shinobi.

Neo-Ninjutsu organizations cover a wide spectrum of belief and ideals regarding their training.

Being a Neo-Ninja does not make their training any less or more authentic then those who believe they are of “authentic Ninja lineage”. 

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